In Information Technology, competition for recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest employees is fierce. According to Staffing Industry Report there are close to a million IT positions open on any given day in the U.S. IT professionals are besieged with offers. The result is a staggering turnover rate within the IT industry.

CERTUS SOLUTIONS has a different story to tell! Our organizational structure, our culture, the projects we perform, and our screening and hiring process have all contributed to teh fact that people want to join CERTUS SOLUTIONS, and, once here, don’t want to leave. This stable workforce delivers distinct advantages to our Customers.

Most companies look for a message to convey, which answers the question, “Why should I join your company?”. Here’s how our employee’s answer that question:

“The professional attitude and conduct of CERTUS SOLUTIONS is obvious when compared to the dealings of some other consulting companies.”

“I especially appreciate the extra help I received concerning my daugher’s medical problems. The staff went out of their way in helping me make it through a pretty tough situation. The help and genuine concern of everyone at CERTUS SOLUTIONS is greatly appreciated by myself and my family, and we thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers.”

“I have never experienced misleading information from CERTUS SOLUTIONS. The information rovided to me from CERTUS SOLUTIONS proved to be accurate, on time, and never misleading. From a professional view my benefits, wages, and job assignments were explained to me in great detail.”