​​​Contract Staffing

For those Clients who desire to build a staff of quality resources but who lack the time, expertise, or processes to successfully accomplish this task, CERTUS SOLUTIONS offers Contract Staffing. This service is not some nebulous option-to-hire made available at the end of a contracting service duration. In fact it is a well refined set of processes and procedures formulated over 40 years to virtually insure the acquisition and retention of a quality person, properly screened, matched 40 professional and culturally, evaluated over time.

Contract Staffing produces a committed resource employed and delivered specifically for you, the Client. Your position, your environment, and your grade and salary ranges. Contract Staffing is designed to eliminate false starts, wasted time or resources and when employed fully will eliminate hiring mistakes. Following our proprietary methodology all first year search, screening, acquisition, interviewing, relocation, salary and benefit costs are fronted by CERTUS SOLUTIONS. Prior to start date the Client expends zero time and zero dollars. CERTUS SOLUTIONS charges a rate per hour worked over the life of the Contract Staffing duration (normally nine months). The Client retains the CERTUS SOLUTIONS employee as a full time employee with no conversion fees or back-end charges of any kind. CERTUS SOLUTIONS provides its Clients with a complete, efficient, and proven methodology to “Acceptance Test Your Next Employee”.

What Our Clients are Saying:

“We deal with several different consulting companies to fill our needs, but my dealings with your company have always been pleasant and productive.”

“…from the first day I contacted CERTUS SOLUTIONS I have been very impressed with the care and professionalism of your organization…”

“The outstanding virtue of CERTUS SOLUTIONS is it’s facility in dealing with its people both in a human and humane manner. The result is a deep commitment to superior performance.”