Who We Are

Customers are demanding more convenience, new channels, hybrid products, and lower costs. The Internet has accelerated communication, collaboration, and commerce. Between web-enablement, e-Business initiatives, consolidations, mergers, and competitive challenges, all businesses are at a critical juncture in the evolution of their individual technology direction.

At CERTUS SOLUTIONS, we understand the challenges faced by all organizations looking for ways to compete that didn’t exist 20 years ago. What we provide is the expertise to deploy technology-based business solutions, quickly.

How do you turn your technology challenge into a distinct advantage for your business? By partnering with a company with the resources, the vision, the expertise, and the commitment to help your journey into the next decade.


What We Offer

Our extensive experience and list of Customers is the result of more than 40 years of solid performance by the principal of CERTUS SOLUTIONS. Recruiting, retaining, and retraining only the best and brightest allows us to provide quality business solutions and deliver best-of-breed services to the customers we serve.

Our reputation for hiring the best professionals and making their experiences rewarding has resulted in a core group of consultants with an impressive average of 10-12 years of experience in Information Technology. With this kind of working knowledge and breadth of experience, our customers don’t get a one-size fits all answer.

We have the ability to meet any customers special architecture needs, whether the requirement is for Consulting Services, Project Development & Integration, or for Project Management Services.


Our Mission

CERTUS SOLUTIONS offers the Information Technology departments of major corporations an efficient, reliable, high-quality alternative to both internal and external methods for acquiring and deploying, critical IT resources for project consulting situations or for more demanding project development and integration activities. A true alternative source for the acquisition and delivery of quality IT solutions must offer a very high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts, confidentiality and Customer service.

Our mission at CERTUS SOLUTIONS is to become “The Supplier of Choice” for the Customer marketplace we serve. To accomplish this we must attract the best and the brightest by being “The Employer of Choice” for the high quality personnel who are, and will be, our Consultants.